mountain biking is an inherently dangerous activity and the purchaser takes all responsibility & liability for using our products
  • Riding a bike is a dangerous activity.
  • Use that squishy gray thing between your ears and wear a helmet.
  • Falling hurts so wear protective gear.
  • Falling while going fast hurts more so wear protective gear.
  • Falling from way up in the air launching off our ramps while going fast makes great fail videos for Instagram but it hurts even more so wear protective gear. (be sure to tag us though so we can all laugh along with you)
  • Don’t ride beyond your abilities. Not everyone can be as cool as Sam Pilgrim their first time (I still trip over curbs and stub my little toe on the edges of my bed, so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to send it like him). It takes years of practice and a lot of injuries SO WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR AND USE YOUR BRAIN.